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Archiving documentation physically

Archving documentation physically, which is organized, planned and carried out by Sector ADS, includes:

  • Admission, storage and preservation of archive documentation within Sector ADS;
  • Issuing temporary usage of archive/documentary material according to predefined procedures and requests by authorised personnel;
  • keeping informed and updated on regulations concerning archive of documentation and, according to the same, suggesting arrangements of internal records and procedures;
  • Suggesting amendments to be made to records concerning the arrangement, storage and archive of, including other actions invloving handling of documentation.

Archiving documentation is carried out according to ISO standards 15489 and 11799:2003 , also applied in B&H, EU and USA

Archived documentation is kept, according to abovementioned ISO standards 15489 and 11799:2003, in a building: (24hr supervision, no water supply instalations, equipped with detectors (humid, fire and smoke), movement sensors, day and night surveillance cameras, controlled entrance with the possibility of presenting a report on who, and when, had access to the archive…..



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