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Document scanning is a process of scanning the paper documents and converting them into image formats. Scanning documents and processing of documents is done in ultra color / black and white Microform scanners (Microform is one of the global market leaders in professional scanner manufacturing). Microform scanners have options to improve scanned image iTresholding, Color Dropout, AutoCrop (work with the damaged documents, etc.), so you always get the best quality scanned image of the document.

We respond to every request for an increase in daily volume scanning documents.

At this moment we can offer volume of 100,000 scans per day.

Service: standard Scan

  • Scans for professional scanners  
  • 300 dpi black - white or color scanning
  • Indexing leading document
  • Technical preparation of documents before scanning (removing staples and stapler, correction previjenih documents...)
  • Technical preparation of documents after Scanning (Resetting)
  • Export the scanned documents in any medium

Service: Progressive Scan

  • Scan delicate or damaged documents
  • Scan documents up to A0
  • Scan books and related documents
  • Scan and automatically recognize the contents of the document OCR, ICR and OMR method and control of import data obtained in the information systems
  • Distributed scanning at multiple locations, scan in your premises

We recommend:


Keeping your documentation on microfilm, represents a secure, legally accepted and recognized lasting solution. This way you have continouosly solved the issue of safety and security of your most important documents.


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