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Sector security

Since the year 2000, Sector Security has been the leading security company in Bosnia & Hercegovina that offers services in both physical and technical security. Many years of work and dedication, as well as over three thousand satisfied clients, are a sign of how high the level of quality support this company offers.

Sector Security has achieved rapid growth and as such is unique for reaching territorial coverage, as well as having the largest amount of highly skilled and certified employees.

This team counts over 1000 staff members, experts in the field of both physical and technical security, and their professional knowledge is only surpassed by their devotion to the client.

Sector Security has, from the very beginning, been dedicated to fulfilling clients’ needs, by developing a circle of trust through the apprehension of their needs and offering top-level expert solutions.

Continuous quality growth, constant improvement of the entire industry by continuous implementation of the current law and legislation, the development of technology and skills of its’employees, responsibility, professionalism, customers’ and employees’ satisfaction, are some of the basic principles of this company.

We recommend:

Digitization of documentation

We, here at Sector ADS, carry out scanning and processing of documents on ultra-fast colour,/black and white scanners, manufactured by Microform. At this point our daily throughput performance is 100.000 scans.



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